Go Digital with Fitness and Health Apps

Need a little boost to help you develop a great fitness routine and diet after weight loss surgery? Thanks to exciting new technologies, the right routine may literally be right at your fingertips. Popular apps for mobile phones keep active, tech-savvy individuals on top of fun fitness routines and healthier eating habits. Here are two of the best picks this season:

Couch to 5K
This program gently introduces patients to a jogging and running routine. Thanks to the beginner-friendly progression, the app (available for a variety of smart phones) is great for patients beginning to work out after weight loss surgery. Use it with your own music while the simple sound cues guide you. All you’ll need are a good pair of shoes and your neighborhood. In about nine weeks, this app will have you breezing through a five kilometer run.

Foobie for the iPhone
Foobie is a digital food journal for the iPhone. It allows users to quickly track and organize eating habits. It helps calculate what you’ve eaten using serving sizes. Thanks to the simple graphs provided, users can easily determine if a diet is balanced and healthy. This is a convenient, simple way to begin using a food journal after weight loss surgery.