“Healthy” Mistakes after Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy Mistakes after Weight Loss SurgeryThere are some foods that you know aren’t healthy, even without having to talk to your weight loss surgeon. Classic sweets like cookies, cake and doughnuts don’t hold a candle when compared to fruits, vegetables and protein shakes—and you don’t need to be a nutrition specialist to know this. After weight loss surgery, you need to make healthy food choices to encourage your weight loss efforts. While your stomach may be restricted to reduce caloric intake, loading your body with high calorie foods and extra sugar is going to prevent you from losing weight and could interfere with your long-term health and wellness goals.

However, sometimes those calorie laden treats come disguised as healthy food choices. These are foods that you may think are healthy at first glance, but hidden underneath a well-crafted label or a healthy reputation are modifications that make the otherwise harmless food item a dangerous snack to get too comfortable with.

To lose weight after weight loss surgery, you want to be careful with items that may sound healthy at first glance, but that are likely holding more calories than you would first think.

This includes food items like:

  • Smoothies: Smoothies can be healthy, or they can be essentially milkshakes. If you want a healthy smoothie then you need to avoid adding flavored yogurt, ice cream or sherbet, and even other less assuming no-no’s like nut butters or artificial sweeteners.
  • Salads: Salads can be a great healthy meal, or not. Restaurants love to give salads a boost by loading them with add-ons that are far from healthy. Taco salads, salads with lots of cheese or bacon, and salads loaded with croutons or creamy dressings are not ideal.
  • Granola bars: Granola is another of those old-faithful foods that is often looked at as harmless when you are trying to lose weight, but most granola bars that you will find at the store today are loaded with sugar and are closer to cookies than anything else.

Eating healthy is important after weight loss surgery. Before you make any changes to your diet plan, talk with your weight loss surgeon and nutrition specialist. Your weight loss team can give you snacking tips and guidelines to help you find the healthiest foods available. Staying on track and avoiding snacking pitfalls will prevent you from reaching a standstill in your weight loss efforts.