Healthy Shopping for Healthy Weight Loss

How many times a week do you make it through a drive thru? Statistics show that Americans are more likely to indulge in take-out more than any other culture, and the reasons as to why we head to the drive thru window are hard to argue with. A long day at work, the cheap prices of fast food, and the desire to get food on the table quick with everything else going on in the day are all valid reasons as to why even the most well-intentioned family may turn to the drive-thru window.

It is estimated that as many as 15% of all meals consumed in the USA come from fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, this means that Americans of all ages are growing increasingly dependent on fast food menus for sustenance, and this could be contributing to why so many Americans are struggling with obesity.

Shopping for a Healthy Home

A healthy diet is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle. If you want to lose weight and keep it off long-term, the changes have to start in the kitchen. This is the reality that many people have to face when they start a medical weight loss program.

Processed foods, sugary treats and microwaveable meals dominate the shopping carts of so many Americans. As you embark on a healthier lifestyle, this is exactly the type of shopping behavior you want to change. Instead of opting for pre-packaged foods and easily-prepared meals, you want to find whole foods that are nutrient dense.

Instead of the processed and frozen foods, look for items like:

  • Lean-proteins and low-fat meats, such as chicken and turkey.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be found in the produce section of the food store
  • Whole grains
  • Single-ingredient items that can be prepared easily at home, but without added sugar

Nutritional counseling can help you with these changes, and ongoing support from your weight loss doctor will be paramount as you continue to develop a healthier way of living, but at the center of it all are the healthy habits that you’ll need to rely on to make the lasting changes in your life.

Since these foods are fresh, you’ll want to buy less and make sure that you go through it before it goes bad. There is no need to follow a diet that comes straight out of your freezer. Eating fresh foods can bring greater flavors into your diet while helping you eat healthier.