Holiday Weight Loss Help

Your guide to winter holiday weight loss help in Naples and Ft. Myers

Holiday Weight Loss Help

It is that time of year again, the time when the air outside is dense with the smell of sugar cookies and we walk away from our loved ones’ homes feeling more stuffed than the turkey on the table. A lot of people wonder what the holidays will be like after getting bariatric surgery, now that overindulging in food isn’t something you can participate in anymore. As many people learn the hard way, the holidays don’t change much after you get weight loss surgery. What needs to change is your attitude towards overeating, and your interpretation of how to celebrate the holiday.

When you start looking for weight loss help in Naples and Ft. Myers this holiday season, the best place to start your search is within. Your own attitude and perception of the holiday spirit is what will drive your desire to overeat. It’s true, temptations are going to be rampant as you join together with friends to celebrate, but a good holiday game plan can help you feel great—not guilty—when the festivities are said and done.

Here are two reasons so many people overeat during the holidays, and how to cope with them:


The holidays are stressful for pretty much everyone. Whether you are hosting a get-together, attempting to find gifts for everyone on your list, planning a trip to visit family or simply stretching your budget to its limits, it can grow difficult to appreciate the holidays for what they are. Unfortunately, this stress often manifests itself as a desire to overeat, and this can grow problematic after weight loss surgery.

Try finding different ways to combat your stress, whether through exercise, deep breathing activities or journaling. If your holiday to-do list is a bit too long, talk with your family members about ways they can help out.

Peer Pressure

One of the hardest things to overcome at a holiday get-together is the cook who is offended when their entire cake isn’t devoured immediately. Many of your friends and family members may unknowingly put a great deal of pressure on you to indulge in treats that you know you shouldn’t be eating.

Before you accept an invitation to a holiday party, talk with the hostess about your weight loss efforts. Let them know that you are excited to come and socialize but that you won’t be eating, and that you hope they can understand.

These are just two of many things that make people succumb to overeating during the holidays. What tips or tricks have you tried to prevent yourself from overindulging during the holidays? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.