How Attitude Influences Weight Loss

It is easy to become distracted during the course of any weight loss program. Even the most successful weight loss plan will have certain setbacks, and weight loss surgery is no exception. Everyone faces obstacles along their weight loss program, some more difficult to deal with than others. What makes the difference between the person who reaches their goals and the person who falls short of their goals is one simple factor: attitude.

Keeping the Right Attitude for Weight Loss Success

You’ve likely been lectured about having the right attitude since elementary school. What was helpful as a kid is paramount as an adult. Having a good attitude means having the ability to stay positive even when things seem bleak. It means being encouraging to yourself, and skipping over the temptation to put yourself down or indulge in disappointment when something doesn’t go your way.

No one is able to keep a good attitude all the time. The trick to being resilient is being able to let go of an attitude that is holding you back by keeping a handful of helpful strategies in your back pocket.

These helpful tricks include:

  • Have a positive mantra that you can repeat to yourself in times of need. This should be a motivational phrase that you find personally impactful. A motto that you can live by as you work to stay focused and positive.
  • Write yourself inspirational notes and keep them where you need them most, whether that is at home or at the office. A quick note from your happy self may be all you need to realize you’d rather be in that positive state of mind.
  • Reach out to a friend or family member who you can trust and who you know will say what you need to hear, and let them know what you are going through. Sometimes a positive word from a good friend is all you need to set your attitude right.

While it might seem too simple or even arbitrary, a good attitude can make a world of difference in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Working with your weight loss surgeon or checking in with a strong support group will only go so far if you don’t believe in yourself and encourage yourself along the way.

So as you focus on finding ways to improve your health, make sure that you are keeping your head in the game by staying positive and maintaining a strong attitude for weight loss.