How to Help Yourself When You Have Anxiety

When people are worried, scared or tense about things that may happen to them or are actually occurring around them, this is anxiety. It is actually a normal human response to stress, but learning how to manage it and live a healthy life is important. When anxiety becomes overwhelming and unmanageable, this is the time to get help. You can also learn to manage your anxiety so it does not overwhelm you.


Prioritize Your Physical Health

Your physical health is as important as your emotional wellbeing. Try to get some exercise, such as going for a short walk. Sleep is important as it affects your mood, and a good night’s rest will give you energy to cope with situations. Ensure you eat a healthy diet. Keeping your blood sugar under control and eating regularly positively affects your mood.


Talk to a Trusted Person

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is to talk to someone. If you have a friend or relative that you trust, speak to them about your worries. Another option is to speak to someone from a mental health charity or organization who will be able to support you to process your thoughts.


Breathe Deeply

Learning how to do breathing exercises will help you stay calm and relaxed. Taking deep breaths and focusing solely on your respirations slows down your breathing and helps you stay in control of your thoughts. It is a useful mindfulness technique to learn and will help you manage anxiety effectively.


Talk to a Peer Support Group

Talking to people in a support group can help with anxiety management. Shared experiences including ways that other people use to manage their anxiety can help may be a support to you. There’s also the possibility you will meet new friends via peer support. Groups offering peer support are either in person or online.


Learn to Manage Your Anxiety

One of the most effective ways you can use to support yourself is to manage your anxiety. Start by working on the issues that make you anxious by learning what triggers them and how you can use techniques such as deep breathing to help. Keep a diary so you record your feelings which will help you notice triggers and support you processing your thoughts.


There are lots of things that lead to anxiety in the world today from illness to finance and crowds. Learning how to manage your anxiety is the first step in supporting yourself to feel better. Try some of these techniques so you learn to help yourself.