How to Keep Your Sanity while Losing Weight

Unfortunately, there is no simple, effortless way to lose weight. Weight loss requires you to have the willpower to stick to a vigorous exercise plan and a healthy diet. It requires patience, because lasting weight loss is slow and gradual. Sometimes, it seems like losing weight can drive you mad. These tips can help you lose weight while keeping your sanity.


Lower Your Expectations

When you start a weight loss plan you may be looking forward to losing incredible amounts of weight quickly. When it doesn’t work out like that, you end up feeling disappointed and disillusioned, and you won’t have the enthusiasm you need to carry on with your program. Your weight loss program fails miserably as a result. However, if you keep your expectations realistic and understand that losing 1-2 pounds per week by exercising and dieting is what you should aim for, then you will avoid the disappointment that has sabotaged your progress in the past.


Don’t Tell Everyone Else

Resist the temptation to tell everyone about your incredible weight loss plans. You may be excited at first, but telling people can end up working against you if you feel that people are talking about your plans and judging your progress. Such gossip can make you feel pressured to achieve unrealistic results, causing you stress, demotivating you, and sabotaging your progress.


Never Eliminate Your Favorite Type of Food

A lot of diets will tell you that you can quickly reach your weight loss goals by completely eliminating a certain type of food from your diet, such as carbohydrates or fats. The stress caused by no longer being able to eat your favorite foods can quickly drive you crazy, and it constantly tempts you to cheat on your diet. It’s much better for you to reduce your overall calorie intake and cut down on the unhealthy foods, but still allow yourself a certain amount of your favorite foods each week. The discipline that dieting requires is a lot easier when you can still look forward to your favorite treats.


Get the Support of Your Household

When you start a weight loss program, you need your household’s support. You will do a lot better if they encourage your efforts, and remind you to exercise when you need to. If they choose to eat unhealthy foods, they should do it away from you so they don’t tempt you.



Losing weight takes time, a lot of time, and the patience you need can seriously test your sanity. However, if you exercise along with your diet then you will see the pounds fall off much mroe quickly. You will also have more energy and a better mood, which will really help you stay true to your plan and keep your sanity.


Losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing your mind. By following these tips you will be able to lose weight more effectively and keep your sanity at the same time.