Hydration and Weight Loss

Losing weight takes a lot of work—and not just in the ways that you might think! Sure, it requires a whole lot of mental energy to overpower those cravings for chocolate cookies, and a great deal of physical energy to push yourself to the gym after a long day at work, but losing weight requires even more than that. Your entire body needs to be on the same page, otherwise you could start working against your own needs. This is part of the problem that occurs when you become dehydrated. Try as you might to lose weight, if you aren’t giving your body enough fluids, then you aren’t going to be able to reach your weight loss goals any time soon.

Dehydration 101

When your body becomes low on fluids it begins to systematically shut down different bodily functions. The fluids that are available to your body go to the most important systems, like your heart and brain, and other aspects of your body, like your metabolism, start to slow down. The longer you go without the right amount of fluids, the more severe this problem becomes. It doesn’t take long for symptoms of dehydration to begin to appear, and they can be both uncomfortable and frustrating as you are trying to lose weight. Some of the most common symptoms of dehydration include headaches, nausea, constipation, and clammy hands. The longer you go without getting your body the amount of fluids you need, the more likely you are to also begin to experience issues like a slowed metabolism or even infertility.

You can combat dehydration by taking simple steps throughout the day to stay as hydrated as possible. Fixing yourself a water bottle before you leave the house in the morning and drinking from it throughout the day is an easy place to start. Ensuring that you are taking in fluids that encourage hydration, like water, and limiting fluids that are going to encourage dehydration, like coffee and tea, is also helpful.

When you are getting started with a weight loss program, be careful that you don’t make the mistake of cutting out the fluids you commonly take in, like fruit juices and soda, without replacing them with something healthy, like water. If you need a bit of extra flavoring, try adding fruits to your water bottle. While sports drinks like Gatorade are marketed for promoting healthy hydration, the added sugars in those drinks aren’t typically good for your weight loss efforts and ought to be avoided, too.

If you realize that you are having trouble losing weight, and think you may be dehydrated, consult with your weight loss doctor at Gulf Coast Bariatrics in Fort Myers or Naples, and fix yourself a big glass of water. Every little sip goes a long way in helping to ensure your body is as healthy as can be.