Improve Migraines with Bariatric Surgery

Obesity has been known to cause a wide range of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Though these major diseases are a well-known risk of obesity, a less well-known symptom is migraine headaches. For many patients who receive bariatric obesity surgery in Naples, the lessening of migraine headaches is a pleasant and often unexpected bonus to the lower body weight.

Symptoms of Migraines:

Migraine symptoms are well-known to those who suffer from this often debilitating problem. The throbbing, pounding sensation in the head that causes moderate to severe pain throughout often causes tunnel vision, and is often so intense that it requires resting and can be a debilitating experience. This common problem is more prevalent in women and has numerous potential triggers such as stress, certain foods or something in the environment.

Obesity and Migraines:

While obesity alone does not actually cause the migraines, it does contribute to the intensity of the pain. Many doctors have observed that obesity makes the migraine headaches more intense, more painful and often harder to deal with when compared to men and women who have a normal weight.

Obesity is not a risk factor for migraines, but it will make the situation worse for many individuals.

Surgery and Migraines:

The reason that weight loss surgery is able to help migraines is the lower weight. While studies have not been performed relating to the intensity of migraine headaches and weight loss, many patients who have undergone the surgery have reported significant changes to their headaches, including less severity.

Weight loss surgery can help lower the risk of numerous potential health problems. Though it is known to help in the case of serious problems like heart disease risk, the unexpected and pleasant side effect of less intensive migraines is a pleasant side effect for many individuals.