Increase Activity Gradually after Weight Loss Surgery

Increase Activity Gradually after Weight Loss SurgeryExercise is an essential aspect of life after weight loss surgery. However, following weight loss surgery it is important that you do not attempt to jump into too rigorous of a workout routine too quickly. The best thing to do is to find balance in your workout routine by easing into your exercise efforts one step at a time. Before starting any new form of exercise or increasing your activity level too drastically, it is a good idea to check in with your weight loss surgeon and ensure that you are ready for that level of vigor.

The First Steps: Walk it Off

Walking is hands-down the best option for getting started with exercise. This is an activity that you already know how to do, and one that you have to do anyways. You can walk at a pace that is appropriate for your needs, and take measures to ensure that you have support as you need it—whether that means walking on a treadmill or walking in your neighborhood with a partner.

To start, try walking at a comfortable pace for 30 minutes. At first, just increasing the length of time that you are walking for will be enough to increase your heartrate and help you burn calories. As you grow more comfortable with this activity you can try increasing your speed, your distance, or the amount of time that you spend walking.

At this time, consider how you can turn your exercise routine into a habit. Think about details like:

  • When is the most convenient time for you to work out?
  • Are you motivated to work out on your own, or do you need a partner?
  • How many days per week can you fit in a workout?
  • Do you have the proper clothing / equipment for your workout?

Taking it to the Next Level

After you establish your workout routine, consider revving up your workout by incorporating additional types of activities. You’ll want to find activities that you can do at varying levels of intensity. This will give you a chance to start out slow, and to gradually increase your intensity level as you grow more comfortable with your workout techniques.

Try incorporating activities like:

  • Light jogging
  • Swimming
  • Light weight lifting
  • Circuit training

If you are not comfortable working out, or are not sure what the best methods are for working out, you may want to consider joining a local gym. Most gyms have a personal trainer on staff, and many gyms offer free access to that personal trainer as part of a membership. Working with a personal trainer can help you gain better understanding about what you are supposed to do during a workout, making it less likely that you will experience injury.

Working out regularly is important as you develop a healthier lifestyle after weight loss surgery. If you are unsure as to the proper level of exercise for your body’s needs, consult your weight loss surgeon.