Learn to Love Your Body in 5 Ways

Many people seeking weight loss help often suffer from body-image issues that could potentially lead to poor choices. It is important to stay positive while taking the right steps to losing weight. Not making the right choices due to body-image issues could cause you to miss out on some great benefits certain health choices have. For example, some people with such issues avoid strength training because muscles add weight to the body. Unfortunately, it has been proven that weight training can help tone muscles, boost metabolism and improve bone health. So, don’t let body hang-ups get in the way of a healthier you—learn to love your body with these five strategies.

List your values – Write down activities you value such as exercising, volunteering and spending time with friends. After one week, take note of how much time you actually spend acting on those activities. If you’re spending the majority of your day thinking about your body issues rather than working on your values, it may be time for a change. Knowing this will help you focus on the most important things you value.

Acknowledge Star Qualities – There is nothing more important than the attributes that make you shine, not even your weight. Take some time to write down all of the things you love about yourself, whether it’s your smile, eyes or kindness and post it somewhere you will see it every day. Reminding yourself of your star qualities can really boost your confidence.

Set new goals – Many people trying to lose weight spend too much time focusing on goals such as the reaching the perfect weight or perfect pant size. Try focusing on new healthy goals instead—make breakfast a priority, try new fruits and vegetables and reduce your sugar intake for each day.

Balance your exercise – Exercise is an essential part of disease prevention as it helps to ward off diabetes, heart disease and other health-related issues. A healthy exercise routine includes a little bit of strength training, cardio and some balancing work for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. However, don’t bore yourself with your routine—have fun with your workouts by trying new things. Try taking a belly dancing class or joining a cycling club, little changes can help keep you inspired and feel better about yourself.

Have a social circle make over – If you are part of a social circle that condones complaining about how overweight you are—stop. Break this bad habit by surrounding yourself with positive friends who share similar goals and passions with you. The more time you spend with people who share your interests, the more satisfied you will become with yourself.

When you’re trying to lose weight it is important to maintain a positive attitude at all times. Making sure you don’t let misperceptions concerning your body get to you will help keep your mind clear and focused on the bigger picture. Learning to love your body and let go of body-image issues can lead to big payoffs for your body. Losing weight can be more difficult for those who are already overweight or obese so it’s important to speak with your weight loss doctor so you have a better idea of how to achieve your weight loss goals.