Life After Bariatric Surgery

With morbid obesity restricting the lives of over 15 million Americans, more and more are seeking an escape into a normal life through bariatric obesity surgery. Bariatric obesity surgery overall has a tremendous success rate. Most patients will drop about half the amount of weight they wish to lose in the first six months. After that, weight loss slows but continues until about two years after the surgery. Most patients are able to maintain their weight loss, with only 10% of weight loss surgery patients regaining some of the weight.

Bariatric obesity surgery involves limiting food intake by reducing the size of the stomach. While there is a very good chance that obese people who undergo bariatric obesity surgery will start to find greater enjoyment in their life in Naples, there are important things they need to be aware of to assure that they get through their transition with the least amount of complications possible. Maintaining a high protein diet, taking nutritional supplements, and following a physician’s advice can decrease the chances of discomfort in the weeks and months immediately following your weight loss surgery procedure.

The biggest adjustment gastric band patients must make is learning to eat in a new way. Soon after the surgery you will be on a liquid diet that will slowly progress as you recover to include small portions of regular food. It is important for Naples patients to remember that although gastric band surgery has great potential to change lives for the better, it is still major surgery and it is important to communicate with your bariatric surgeon to ensure the best transition into your new lifestyle.