Lose Weight by Avoiding Mid-Morning Snacks

There are certain rules to weight loss that most people know by heart. If you are considering weight loss surgery in Naples, then chances are you have tried following every one of these rules, and a handful of other tactics as well. Eating a healthy breakfast and avoiding fattening snacks are two of these incredibly common dieting rules. Whether you follow these rules or try to follow these rules, it is beneficial to understand a bit more of the reasoning behind why these are so important.

Eating a mid-morning snack can be devastating to your weight loss goals. Many dieters make every attempt to start their day off with a healthy, light breakfast. While a piece of fruit may seem like a great way to start the day, it is important that you are finding a breakfast that will keep you full until lunch. According to a recent study, dieters that ate a full, healthy breakfast that kept them full until lunch lost an average of 11% of their body weight over the course of one year, while those that ate a midmorning snack between breakfast and lunch only found a 7% loss.

One explanation that was offered by researchers was that there is a small interval between breakfast and lunch, and so hunger can be easily eliminated during this time by having a healthy breakfast. For many people, mindless munching becomes a problem during the mid-morning hours as we re-load our coffee cups. To help enhance your weight loss efforts, avoid snacking before lunch and make sure that you are eating a breakfast that will keep you full all morning long.