Lower Your Weight, Lower Your Risk of Health Issues

In some ways Americans today are healthier than we were 50 years ago. New advances in medical science have enabled doctors to make better diagnoses and the cure rate of many diseases has vastly improved. On the other hand, many Americans are unhealthier when you consider that the obesity rate in 1960 was 13 percent compared to today where 34 percent of adults are obese. This has caused the rate of obesity related illnesses and conditions to skyrocket.

It is common knowledge that obesity can cause myriad health issues. The extra weight carried on the body puts unnecessary strain on the lungs, heart, kidneys, muscles and joints. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and even some cancers can be directly attributed to being overweight. Other issues like sleep apnea, infertility and even menstrual issues for women can also stem from obesity.

Fortunately there is a simple cure for all of these health issues but despite its simplicity the plan for treatment can be difficult and there is a high risk of failure. Losing weight can drastically reduce all obesity related health risks. The prescription for weight loss is simple: burn more calories than you consume. For many, however, this proves difficult or impossible. For them, weight loss surgery may be a good option. New advances have made procedures like bariatric surgery highly effective for losing weight.

Until science progresses enough to create a truly effective weight loss pill, even residents of Ft. Myers and Naples, FL, will have to battle the bulge either through diet and exercise or from weight loss surgery. One thing is certain: the health benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle far outweigh the many health risks of being overweight.