Managing Anxiety at your Bariatric Center

Managing Anxiety at your Bariatric CenterThere are a lot of things you can become anxious about in this world—especially as you are losing weight after bariatric surgery. Even though you are getting weight loss help in Ft. Myers or Naples, your world is still filled with stressors, whether they come in the shape of work woes, relationship obstacles or failure to meet personal expectations.

The way you cope with your anxiety will greatly impact your ability to keep on top of your weight loss and wellness goals. Even after weight loss surgery, allowing poor habits to sneak back into your lifestyle can undo many of your positive changes and lead you to regain weight—as well as expose yourself to a wide range of other negative health consequences.

Many people cope with their anxiety in negative ways without ever realizing it. Nail biting, sleepless nights, emotional eating—all of these are coping mechanisms that can lead you down a road of illness and despair. Turning these habits around and adopting healthy coping techniques to manage your anxiety can make a huge difference in your life after weight loss surgery.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your anxiety in healthy ways:

  • Exercise: Your weight loss surgeon has told you to exercise for the sake of your physical health and weight loss goals, but you may not realize that putting on those running shoes can boost your mental health as well. Exercising can help keep stress hormones at bay and help you obtain a fresh perspective in a trying situation. Yoga is an especially popular form of exercise for stress and anxiety relief.
  • Speak positively: Even when your thoughts are negative, do your best to only speak positively about a given situation. Challenge your negative thoughts with rational, likely outcomes. If you allow yourself to become wrapped up in negative thoughts then they will run away with you. Staying positive can help your remain grounded, even when your anxiety intensifies.
  • Relax: Easier said than done, right? When your anxiety is getting the best of you it is absolutely necessary that you take a deep breath and engage in a relaxing activity. Make yourself a cup of tea, read a book, go for a brief walk—relaxing activities will help you clear your mind and stay centered. You can better address your troubles after you’ve had time to process them.

Have you struggled with anxiety after weight loss surgery in Tampa, Lakeland or St. Petersburg? What methods have helped you manage your anxiety better? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.