Managing Plateaus after Weight Loss Surgery

Managing Plateaus after Weight Loss SurgeryHitting a weight loss plateau is typically one of the most frustrating experiences during any weight loss program. For those who have undergone weight loss surgery, this may be a common experience that you can recall from past attempts at weight loss. After having weight loss surgery in Ft, Myers, it is much easier to progress through a weight loss plan and make strides towards your ultimate weight loss goal, but unfortunately, you are not immune from the risk of hitting a weight loss plateau.

Conveniently, having weight loss surgery puts you in touch with specialists who understand the ins and outs of the weight loss process, and so overcoming a weight loss plateau after weight loss surgery can be a much more manageable and less-stressful experience than you may recall from the past.

What is a weight loss plateau?

A weight loss plateau refers to the experience of hitting a barrier in your weight loss progress, where despite continued dietary practices and exercise habits, you are no longer losing weight.

Hitting a weight loss plateau is actually a sign of weight loss progress. The reason your body hits a stalemate in its weight loss progress is because you’ve already lost weight, causing your metabolism to decline. So now, eating the same amount of calories as you did when you were heavier has less of an impact.

Revamping your dietary and exercise habits can kick-start the weight loss process all over again. Here are a few tips for managing a plateau effectively:

  • Do your best to keep track of your progress so you notice a plateau right away. This puts momentum in your hands, as the faster you act, the less time is lost.
  • Meet with your weight loss doctor to discuss dietary changes. If you’ve already lost a lot of weight, now might be a good time to talk new strategy to get your metabolism moving again.
  • Consider new workout methods that are right for your new weight. In the early days after weight loss surgery your exercise choices are typically limited. Now that you’ve lost weight, new doors may be open to you. This might be a great time to meet with a personal fitness trainer to re-boost your weight loss.

Before making any of these changes to your weight loss program, make sure that you talk with your weight loss surgeon. Weight loss plateaus are less common after weight loss surgery, but they still happen. Maintaining motivation and believing that you can power through a short stall in weight loss progress is essential, so if you find yourself reaching a plateau, stay positive and whatever you do, don’t give up!