Plastic Surgery Procedures After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery helps you eat fewer calories by reducing the amount of food you can eat. We know that fewer calories equals weight loss-but does it also add up to a perfect body? Unfortunately, years of being overweight aren’t easy to erase. Many people have leftover “baggage” after bariatric surgery. These reminders of the past include loose, hanging skin, loose muscles and pockets of fat. So how can you combat these vestiges of an unhealthy past and find the new figure that’s lurking underneath the extra skin? There are plastic surgery procedures that can help.

Loose Skin

Skin loses its elasticity over time, which why it’s often loose after weight loss. Loose skin can be difficult to keep clean and sometimes develops rashes. Tummy tucks, arm contouring, lower body lifts and other surgical procedures can help remove excess skin and increase your confidence.

Lingering Fat

Bariatric surgery does not help you lose weight uniformly. This means that you may be left with some excess fat in uncomfortable or noticeable places. Liposuction and various lift-and-reduction surgeries can help reduce these pockets of fat and streamline your weight loss.