Problems Emerge with Low Fat Diet Trends

If you want to lose weight, then you need to cut fat, right? Well, according to a new bit of research this may not be the most effective strategy for weight loss, or for your long-term health goals.

The low fat diet has perpetually been looked at as one of the most effective dietary methods for losing weight. Medical weight loss programs even often incorporate some aspects of this sort of dietary trend, because when you cut down on fried foods and baked goods it becomes a lot easier to lose weight. After all, continuing to feed your body high levels of fat as you are trying to lose fat just doesn’t make any sense.

While the problems with eating a diet rich in fat are valid, there are other concerns emerging that are more to do with the typical consequences of eating a low fat diet. The chief of these concerns is that following a low fat diet often causes people to increase their consumption of carbohydrates, and this actually is unhealthier than eating fats. So much unhealthier, in fact, that eating a low fat diet is now more associated with an increased mortality risk than is eating a low carbohydrate diet.

This is the biggest problem with eating a diet that is low in fat. If eating low fat causes you to turn to carbs to satisfy hunger, then you are better off eating more fat. So the problem isn’t in the fat itself, but in the carb consumption.

This research brings to light one of the most important aspects of weight loss that is too often overlooked. Picking a dietary strategy is one of the most important factors that will determine your level of success, but that strategy will only help you if it is focused on what you are eating, not just on what not to eat.

This is why weight loss programs like weight loss surgery are so effective. Rather than just giving you a long list of things that you aren’t supposed to eat anymore, weight loss programs pair you with ongoing support from your weight loss surgeon to help you make the best dietary choices day after day. The focus is on what you will eat and how often you will exercise, rather than just thinking about what you shouldn’t do.

So while cutting down on fat is a great step for improving your health and helping your weight loss goals, you need to remember that one change isn’t going to be the answer to all of your problems. Cutting out fat in favor of loading up on sugar and carbs isn’t going to help you become healthier. Talk to your weight loss surgeon to develop healthy strategies that will help you make the positive changes you’ve been after.