Protect Yourself against Type II Diabetes

While bariatric surgery offers a dramatic improvement in type 2 diabetes, research shows that simply making healthy lifestyle choices can protect against type II diabetes as effectively, or more, than taking medications. Following a healthy diet and staying physically active cut the chances of developing type II diabetes by half.

Even if you are considering bariatric surgery, you still need to exercise and develop healthy eating habits to protect yourself against health problems including diabetes. It’s important not to think of exercise as a chore. If going to the gym and walking on the treadmill bores you, try out other activities instead. Walking, for instance, is one of the best physical activities you can take on, particularly if you are just beginning a health regimen. You can also seek out other activities you enjoy so that getting exercise is not a chore, but rather, something to look forward to. Swimming, biking, yoga and fun, dance-oriented classes like Zumba are all great options to try.

Healthier eating habits after weight loss surgery can be made easier, as well, by finding healthy foods you enjoy. The ideal diet is low in fat and simple carbohydrates and high in whole grains, fresh vegetables and lean proteins. When cooking, try adding flavor to foods with herbs and spices. Many higher calorie ingredients, like Parmesan cheese or Asian sesame oil pack a strong flavor punch, and can be used in moderation to add flavor to food. Trying out different cooking methods can help, as well.

Try slow roasting vegetables to bring out entirely different and enjoyable flavors and textures. You can also choose healthier versions of ingredients that you already use. Try buying whole wheat pasta instead of the standard variety, or substituting low fat mayonnaise for full fat versions.