Quick Ways to Boost Your Energy

Quick Ways to Boost Your EnergyFinding yourself feeling sluggish and tired in the afternoon? Tempted to reach for an energy drink or some other caffeine and sugar filled boost? If you’re making improvements to your health after weight loss surgery then finding alternatives to energy drinks can help you shave plenty of calories from your diet.  But how can you get that energy boost without the empty calories? Here are some ideas for taking just 10 minutes to recharge and give you the energy boost you need to get through the day.

Boost Your Energy in Ten Minutes

  1. Get some sun. Even just 10 minutes of natural sunlight can help the body produce vitamin D, which is essential for good health, and boost serotonin levels, which helps improve your mood and sleep patterns.
  2. Climb the stairs. Getting your heart pumping for 10 minutes can definitely help perk you up. If you work in an office building, take a short break to walk up and down the stairs.
  3. Play mind games. No, that doesn’t mean getting more involved in office politics, but you might consider doing a short crossword puzzle. Switching your brain’s focus to a different task for ten minutes can help boost your energy if you’re getting mentally burned out.
  4. Stretch. A quick 10-minute stretch can boost your energy levels by decreasing muscle discomfort and fatigue. It also helps get oxygenated blood circulating through your body better.
  5. Take a walk. If you don’t work in a building with stairs, consider taking a short 10-minute walk. You’ll get the benefit of sunshine and a little exercise, both of which can boost your mood. If you manage to take three 10-minute walks a day, you’re also getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day!
  6. Laugh. Use your 10 minutes to seek out something that will make you giggle. An online video shared with friends might be enough to get you through the rest of your afternoon.
  7. Listen to music. Music can be a great mood changer. Set up a playlist with a variety of songs that you know always pump you up.
  8. Practice deep breathing. Keeping your back straight, inhale through the nose while you count to four. Hold your breath while you count to seven and then exhale deeply through the mouth while you count to eight. Doing this for 10 minutes can help invigorate your mind and your body.

Finding your own healthy way to get through the last couple of hours at work will help you reduce calories and avoid feeling bad about adding calories you didn’t need.