Reasons to Make Stretching a Habit After Weight Loss Surgery

Diet and exercise are key ingredients in any weight loss plan, but it’s also important that you incorporate regular stretching into your routine after weight loss surgery. In fact, experts recommend you stretch at least three times per week if you aren’t doing any other type of physical activity. Why should you make stretching a priority?

4 Reasons to Make Stretching a Habit After Weight Loss Surgery

  1. Improve your flexibility: Of course, one of the first benefits people think of when we mention stretching is flexibility. It is true that stretching regularly will make it easier to bend over and touch your toes, or tie your shoes, or pick up a package. Flexibility makes everyday tasks easier and helps you feel less fatigued at the end of the day.
  2. Improve your balance: After weight loss surgery, you may notice that you need to adjust to your changing body. Stretching regularly increases the range of motions in your joints, which allows you to be more mobile and balanced so you can take advantage of your shrinking body size!
  3. Improve your circulation: When you stretch, you improve the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. This helps speed recovery and may improve your circulatory and heart health overall.
  4. Reduce stress: Who doesn’t need to practice better stress management? Deep stretching and breathing helps relieve the physical tension caused by stress as well as calm your mind. Stretching is a great way to relax at the end of a long day in preparation for a good night sleep.

Taking care of yourself after weight loss surgery is important, and stretching for a few minutes is a great way to pamper your body and mind every day.