Run to Stay in Shape this Winter

During the winter, many people spend more time indoors. While spending time inside isn’t unhealthy, a sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on health. Several months of limited physical activity can increase blood pressure, reduce glucose sensitivity, lower metabolism, and increase the risk of depression.

The winter can be a great time to exercise, especially in Naples where the weather doesn’t get too cold. While weight surgery in Naples can help enhance your ability to lose weight, it’s important to balance weight loss with cardiovascular exercise and strength training so that the weight stays off long term.

When running in cooler weather, there are several important things to remember. Cold air can aggravate the lungs and esophagus, and body heat can be lost quickly during exercise. In addition, cold weather often leads to low humidity levels in the air. It’s easier to become dehydrated during winter exercise. Always drink plenty of water before and after any workout.

During the winter, try running in the late afternoon. The early morning is usually the coldest time of the day. The late afternoon is usually the best time to exercise, offering warmer temperatures and less wind.

When exercising during the winter, it’s essential to stretch and warm up the body before any vigorous activity. Cold muscles can tear without proper stretching. In addition, cold muscles require warmth to recover after a workout.

When you are running, it’s important to allow sweat to evaporate. Dense clothing can lead to sweat buildup under clothing, which often leads to an uncomfortable workout. Nylon and cotton based clothing can help wick away excessive moisture while running outside.

South Florida is a great environment for running and staying active year round. As cold fronts move through the area, don’t let a slight drop in temperature dissuade you from your daily workout. Staying in shape by running during the winter is one of the best ways to combat winter weight gain from holiday parties.