Shockingly Healthy Foods

There is a certain level of dread that typically accompanies the starting of a new weight loss program. While the idea of exercising every day may cause some to stutter with anxiety, it is isn’t always the idea of daily workouts that gets people nervous: it’s the food.

Eating healthy doesn’t have a very attractive sound to it. Those who spend a lot of time learning how to prepare healthy foods and reduce fat and sugar from their diet learn to love the savory flavors that accompany healthy meals, but for those who have spent a majority of their life eating processed and fast foods, the notion of switching over to Kale smoothies and vegetable bowls does not sound appetizing.

Loving Healthy Foods

The problem with eating healthy doesn’t come down to the flavor of the foods, it’s the perception of those foods. There are so many people who shy away from the idea of going on a diet because they don’t want to give up every food that they love. But the thing is, there may be foods you already love that are perfectly healthy and would make a great component to your diet plan.

Here is a quick list of healthy foods that you may already love:

  • Chocolate: Let’s start this list off with a bang. Yes. Chocolate! Small portions of chocolate are actually great for your heart health and can reduce blood pressure and even cholesterol levels. The problem is that chocolate is typically loaded with sugar and combined with other fattening ingredients. If you can’t imagine going a day without chocolate, find a healthy food that has chocolate with it, like a nut mix or even a glass of chocolate almond milk.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Yes, yes, yes. You know about vegetables. You have tried broccoli and maybe it isn’t your favorite. But have you tried papaya? What about pineapple. What about grilled pineapple? There are plenty of ways to dress up fruits and vegetables to make them more decadent. Give it a try.
  • Meat: Meat can be a perfectly healthy component of your diet when it is prepared correctly. Loading a piece of chicken with batter and deep frying it in trans fat isn’t a healthy way to eat meat, but grilling or baking is perfectly acceptable. Meat is high in protein and many types of meat are low in fat, which makes them ideal for helping with weight loss.

Don’t let the idea of a healthy food diet drive you from reaching your weight loss potential. Talk to your weight loss doctor about your options. And of course, before you make any changes to your diet talk to your weight loss surgeon.