Getting Social with Weight Loss Surgery

Getting Social with Weight Loss SurgeryThere is no doubt that getting weight loss surgery changes your life. Outside of offering you much needed weight loss help in Naples and Ft. Myers, weight loss surgery can have a huge impact on your professional and social life—even putting you in the position to make a lot of new friends.

Relationships are going to change as you lose weight. Friends with whom you usually gathered to indulge at different restaurants or bakeries may feel slighted when you decline invitations because of your weight loss efforts. Family members who grew accustomed to regular nights of eating out or ordering fast food may push back at your efforts to include them in your healthy eating plan. Your friends and family members might not be as ready for changes as you are after you undergo gastric sleeve, bypass or gastric band surgery.

These are the types of setbacks that often catch people off guard after weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, many people are unprepared for these types of relationship changes and are left feeling confused, alone and upset with their weight loss program. If you are not careful, a small social bump in the road can turn into a major relapse to poor habits.

It is perfectly possible to maintain relationships as you lose weight, but it is also a great idea to develop new friendships as you improve your health. Your existing friends might not be able to relate to your new health goals and desires, but chances are your weight loss surgery is going to be on your mind. Instead of constantly talking with your friends about your weight loss surgery and wellness efforts—a topic that might quickly grow tiresome to those not willing to make those changes in themselves—it may be a good idea to begin communicating with others who have similar goals.

After weight loss surgery, there are plenty of ways to make new health-minded friends. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Join a support group. Support groups put you in touch with others who have undergone or are about to undergo weight loss surgery in Naples or Ft. Myers, and are great places to make new contacts as you lose weight. Check out our support group schedule or contact us for more information about our support groups.
  • Join a gym. Make a regular routine and start going to the gym at the same time daily. As you become more comfortable there be friendly with those who you meet. Many people go to the gym at the same time daily, so you might find that your schedule coincides with the gym habits of someone else who is looking for a workout partner.
  • Let co-workers know what is going on. Your workplace could be a hub of potential friends and weight loss buddies just waiting to meet you. Let coworkers know about your plans to lose weight, and ask around to find out if there is anyone else who is trying to lose weight too. You may be able to form an at-work support network this way.

Be open and honest with your current friends and family members, and ask them what you can do to help your relationship grow as you lose weight.