Stop Negativity in its Tracks

There are certain people who are more perceptive than others. While this can sometimes feel like an advantage, the constant perception of others feelings can become much more overwhelming than occasional bouts of empathy for a loved one. For certain people, anxiety, nervousness and even depression seep into them as if they are a sponge. As someone they know walks into the room, this person will often feel overwhelmed with anxiety or feel a sudden burst of sadness.

After getting bariatric surgery in Naples it is important to find where these bouts of anxiety are coming from, otherwise these unsolicited feelings could drive you into the unhealthy habit of emotional eating. However, it can be hard to target what is making you upset when you are actually not upset. Instead, you are feeding off of the negative energy of those around you.

The negative emotions of others have more power on us than we often give credit for. When your co-worker is sitting across the office brooding over something that you said, it may actually upset you, making you feel weaker and reduce your ability to take care of your own responsibilities.

The next time you feel your chest growing tight, or a surge of sad emotion rushing through your mind take a step back from the situation. Take three deep breaths, counting to five as you inhale and exhale, and then follow these simple tips to overcome negativity.

  • Think deeply about how you are feeling and try to figure out what prompted the emotion. Work out in your head if you are actually upset about something concerning you, or if a conversation that you had with someone prompted your own negative feelings.
  • Remove yourself from the situation. By stepping outside of your office for five minutes and enjoying a bit of sunshine after an argument you can overcome the negative emotions and be more productive when you return to your work.
  • If you are unable to remove yourself from the negative situation, then take a mental break. Picture yourself sitting on the beach reading a new paperback, or lounging in your hammock after a long day. By simply placing yourself in a happy, positive environment you can stop the negativity from overpowering you.