Strength Train to Stay Healthy

After many years of inactivity, weight loss surgery patients are skeptical about starting a strength training program.  After all, many of us have carried around the equivalent weight of a whole other person for years – how much stronger do we need to get?

After bariatric surgery you lose weight. We try to minimize muscle loss by ensuring a high protein intake, but loss of some muscle along with the fat is inevitable.

Strength training is a powerful tool for reducing muscle loss even further. By training your muscles you force them to grow. Because muscle requires energy to work efficiently, a higher muscle mass means you can increase your metabolism up to 15% which will actually contribute to your weight loss.

But there is more to strength training than just aiding weight loss. Here are a few of the additional benefits you might notice after just eight weeks of weight training:

  • Less pain from arthritic joints
  • Better balance and stability resulting in less falls and associated injuries
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis as weight training increases bone density
  • Better glucose control in insulin resistant and diabetic people
  • Longer, deeper and more restful sleep

There are numerous weight training facilities scattered throughout Florida’s Gulf Coast. Be sure you talk to your bariatric surgeon or other members of the team before starting your strength training program.  We can provide you with guidance to help you stay safe and injury free while you get the benefits from strength training.