Stress Eating

When you have a bad day at work and you are stressed out about a project or upcoming event, what is one of the first things you turn to? Food, exercise, television? If you said food, there are many others who feel your pain, but are you really helping out your stress level when food acts as your stress reliever.

Eating while under stress often feels like it is helping our stress levels. In reality, it creates a new stress that does nothing to alleviate the stress you originally felt. Eating foods that are unhealthy, create guilt, and do nothing to increase your energy level or immune system will only hurt your ability to deal with the stresses you face in your every day life. In addition, they can affect your sleeping patterns which only serves to hurt your ability to deal with stress.

If you stay on your weight loss plan when you are stressed, you will feel healthier, sleep better and bring a sense of accomplishment and pride into every stressful situation that will help you deal.