Surgical Arm Contouring After Bariatric Surgery

For some weight loss surgery patients, significant fat loss leaves folds of loose skin that lacks the elasticity to “unstretch.” Women are especially prone to experiencing loose, sagging skin on their arms after extreme weight loss. Surgical arm contouring, also known as excisional arm lifts or brachioplasty, can remove some of that extra skin and give your arms a more toned look.

During surgical arm contouring, a plastic surgeon makes an incision in the patient’s underarm that goes along the back side of the upper arm. The length of the incision depends on the amount of sagging that needs to be tightened. In all cases though, the goal of the surgeon is to leave the smallest and least visible scar possible.  The loose skin, tissue and fat are removed and the arm is left looking much tighter and more contoured. In some cases, fat pockets left in other areas of the arm can be removed using liposuction to improve the results of the arm contouring surgery.

Weight loss surgery patients generally have more loose skin to remove than the general population and in some cases the dietary restrictions of bariatric procedures may interfere with healing after plastic surgery. For this reason, choose a reputable surgeon for your arm contouring who is board certified and has experience treating bariatric patients.