Taking Control of Portions

Sometimes the problem with overeating doesn’t come down to the types of foods that you are eating, but instead how much of those foods that you are eating at one time. Portion control is a huge issue when it comes to weight loss, and the reason for this is because too many people disregard proper serving sizes and simply eat as much as they want in any given sitting.

It is possible to overeat even when eating healthy foods. This is something that surprises many people. After all, if you are choosing to eat healthy, then you are automatically going to lose weight, right? Well, while changing the foods that you are eating is likely going to help you lose weight, after weight loss surgery it is especially important that you pay attention to your portion sizes.

Cutting Portions Down to Size

Proper portion sizes take some getting used to, especially if you are transitioning from a “supersize it” way of thinking. Overindulging, even in healthy foods, means consuming more calories than are ideal. That is because sometimes, the meal you are eating is perfectly healthy and can fit as part of your weight loss plan without issue—just not in the quantity that you are used to.

Take the time to set your portions right before you sit down to a meal. You can do this easily by following strategies like:

  • Switch to a smaller plate and using proper serving utensils to make sure that you are measuring out your food items correctly
  • Read the box on pre-prepared foods to know just how much you are supposed to get.
  • If you are going to double up on something, make it the salad or veggies.
  • When you have your portions measured out, remove yourself from the serving dish by leaving it on the counter as you go to the table.

Giving yourself a chance to feel full after the ideal portion size can help you cut out extra calories that you may not realize you were consuming.

After weight loss surgery this process of cutting portion sizes is especially important. This is because following surgery your stomach capacity will be severely reduced to fit only a small portion at any given time. If you attempt to eat more than your stomach can fit, you may experience some discomfort during digestion—as well as reduce your ability to lose weight.