The Best Post-Surgical Exercises

The Best Post-Surgical ExercisesThere are a lot of aspects of your life that will change after weight loss surgery. Your weight loss surgeon will set out strict dietary guidelines that you’ll be expected to follow, and these will help you stay healthy and encourage you to reach your maximum weight loss potential. For many people, after weight loss surgery is the first time that they are able to start a real exercise routine.

Working out is encouraged after weight loss surgery as it will help you build and tone muscle as you lose weight. However, if you’ve never worked out regularly before, it could be difficult to get started.

While running and weight lifting are highly successful methods of physical fitness, they aren’t necessarily ideal for you after surgery—especially not right away. Just like the old story of the tortoise and the hare, the best method for getting healthy is slow and steady.

You want to find a workout that:

  • You are able to do every day
  • That you can do now, but can improve intensity as needed
  • That uses a combination of cardio and weight training
  • Doesn’t put you at a large risk for injury

What are the Best Workouts after Weight Loss Surgery?

The best workout after weight loss surgery is one that keeps you entertained and interested while pushing your body to work harder day after day. Here are a few exercises that are ideal for post-bariatric surgery patients:

  • Low impact cardio, including biking (stationary bikes are great!) as well as swimming or water aerobics.
  • Stretching and weight training, such as arm extensions, leg lifts, shoulder rolls and arm rotations. These are especially great the first couple of weeks after surgery, but then should be continued as warm-up for more vigorous exercise.
  • Strength training, including lunges and squats with light weights, as well as workout routines like yoga. Many yoga routines can be adjusted to accommodate your personal needs.

Before getting started with any workout, make sure that you talk to your weight loss surgeon and that you are cleared as being ready to get started with physical activity. Remember, the first couple of weeks after surgery is not the time to push your body too far with physically taxing exercises. Heal, and then get started with your workout routine.