The Perks of Weight Loss: Coffee after Weight Loss Surgery

There are a lot of challenges that come with the decision to lose weight. Making changes to your diet and exercise habits may feel close to impossible at times, but for some of us, there is one change that really does meet the criteria of impossible: cutting out coffee. The good news is that as a general rule, coffee is perfectly okay on most weight loss dietary programs. The thing that isn’t okay is the way that coffee is often prepared and served. So, if you want to continue enjoying your coffee as you lose weight, you may need to make a few changes to the way that you prepare your favorite cup.

Coffee on its own actually has a surprising number of health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, the beverage is associated with a long-list of health perks, including anti-inflammatory benefits, anti-aging benefits, and even mental benefits. A known stimulant, many turn to coffee as a way to stay awake and focus, which is where the caffeine comes in handy, but beyond that coffee is actually shown to support positive cardiovascular functioning and improve mood (so long as it is consumed in moderation, of course).

The biggest problem that so many people run into with their coffee habit has nothing to do with the coffee beans, and everything to do with what else is added to the cup. Lattes that are made with sugary flavorings and topped with whipped cream have caffeine in them, but any benefits of the coffee are outweighed by the sugar and fat from the drink itself. The popularity of frozen coffee drinks has led many to think that they can enjoy this sort of treat morning after morning, when really those beverages are closer to a milkshake than they are to a real cup of coffee.

If you want to continue drinking coffee as you focus on your weight loss program, then you need to make a few simple adjustments to the way you prepare your drink:

  • Try enjoying coffee black, if possible. If you don’t want to have it without cream altogether, try it with non-fat creamer or almond milk instead.
  • Cut the sugar altogether. If you need there to be a little bit of flavoring, opt for a sugar-free substitute.
  • Stick to the real deal. Having a standard cup of coffee means that you are enjoying a mostly water-based beverage. Stick with this instead of the lattes or frozen drinks that are more milk and flavor than anything else.

There is no reason to give up your favorite drink after having weight loss surgery, or even as you are following a medical weight loss program. Making a few changes to the way you prepare your coffee can allow you to continue enjoying the perks of the caffeine fix without any guilt.