The Power of Accountability Before and After Surgery

The Power of Accountability Before and After SurgeryIn Fort Myers, no matter which weight loss surgery you choose, it is only one of the steps necessary to lose excess weight and become healthier. Permanent weight loss requires healthy lifestyle changes both before and after your surgery. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to stick to commitments to exercise and change eating habits. But, luckily, your mind offers a great support in the form of accountability.

Putting Accountability Into Action

Accountability falls into two categories: external and internal accountability. The commitments you make to others are part of external, social accountability. Those you make to yourself are part of personal, internal accountability.

In the weeks before and after your gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery, you will need to change your diet and level of physical activity. Try these accountability practices to ensure that you keep your commitment to healthy lifestyle changes:

Keep a Weight Loss Diary

Write down everything that you eat and drink. Make a note of what time you go to bed and wake, as well as how you feel when you get up. Note your thoughts and anxieties. Talk about cravings. Keep a record of time spent exercising, even if it is just a 10 minute walk. Writing all of this down can help you recognize patterns, reinforce positive ones, and make you more able to break negative ones.

Find an Exercise Partner

Having a regular date with a friend or neighbor to get out and exercise makes you less likely to find excuses. You can find people who match your current skill level through weight loss groups. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone you know, try a personal trainer instead.

Find a Supportive Group

This can be in the form of a formal weight loss support group or a group of trusted friends or family members. Tell them about your goals and your achievements. By telling others, you make a public commitment.

These tools, in combination, can give you the support you need. Developing a strong sense of accountability cannot just help with your weight loss goals, but also improve your willpower and determination in other areas of your life, leaving you healthier and happier.