The Role of Calcium in Meeting Your Weight Loss Management

Although losing weight can be a struggle, most people agree that keeping the weight off for good is even harder. Following bariatric surgery in Naples it is important to develop healthy habits that are sustainable in order to maintain a healthy weight for decades. While the bulk of weight loss and weight management boils down to consuming fewer calories each day than you expend, there is also a significant amount of research that suggests certain foods and nutrients can play a role in helping us achieve our weight loss goals and maintain them for years in the future. Recent studies explained the effects of calcium on weight loss and management.

Preserves Muscle While Burning Fat: The problem with many weight loss techniques is that by reducing intake, you also reduce the metabolism and therefore also the amount of lean muscle in the body. With less muscle, the body burns fewer calories each day, further serving to reduce metabolism and making it hard to maintain weight loss. It seems that calcium consumption can help the human body to accelerate fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass, a very difficult combination to achieve.

Where to Get Calcium: Many of the studies have supplied dieters with calcium in the form of low or nonfat dairy products like skim milk and yogurt. While this may be most effective, you can also try to reap the benefits of calcium in supplements like flavored chews which you consume once or twice each day.

Whether you are trying to accelerate fat loss, preserve muscle mass while dieting or just working hard to maintain a significant loss, it seems that calcium can be incredibly helpful along the way.