The Six Keys to Weight Loss Success

The Six Keys to Weight Loss SuccessWeight loss surgery is considered one of the best tools available to help with weight loss. Simply taking small steps to limit how much food you can comfortably hold in your stomach at any given time goes a long way in helping you stay full, reduce snacking, cut down on portion sizes, and ultimately lose weight. The benefits of weight loss surgery are clear: profound weight loss results followed by significant improvements in health, across the board.

Just about every form of weight loss surgery has a rather high success rate. This means that the majority of people who undergo weight loss surgery do ultimately lose weight. However, there are occasions in which weight loss doesn’t occur, at least not in the way expected. And there are other situations where even after weight loss is attained, the weight comes back.

To reach your weight loss goal and achieve the healthier lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, you need to think like a successful weight manager. Researchers have found that there are certain strategies that people who are successful with weight loss all share. Taking these strategies on as your own can help you stay on track towards weight loss success.

The six strategies for successful weight loss include:

  1. Engage in high levels of physical activity, ideally about one hour of exercise per day.
  2. Eat a low calorie diet as prescribed by your weight loss surgeon.
  3. Eat breakfast every day and stick closely to your weight loss surgeon’s meal plan requirements.
  4. Monitor and record your weight, at least once per week, so that you can track progress.
  5. Maintain consistent eating patterns by avoiding binge snacking or special weekend meals
  6. Manage and accept smaller slips as being part of the process, and don’t let a small slip become the undoing of your progress.

No matter how successful or well-designed the program is, every weight loss program has one thing in common: they all depend on the actions of the individual to achieve success. Weight loss surgery goes a long way in setting you up for success, but it is still up to you to push yourself along the way. Disregarding the advice of your weight loss surgeon could stifle weight loss, or cause you to gain weight back in the end.

Even before you go in for weight loss surgery, try adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the above strategies. Taking on these simple approaches to weight loss can really help you kick start your weight loss progress as you prepare for bariatric surgery.