The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool

Your weight loss surgeon can give you the weight loss help you needThink of your weight loss surgery as a tool. Just as a hammer alone cannot build a house, your weight loss surgery cannot get you to your weight loss goal by itself. Tools need operators to fulfill their jobs and you are the operator of your weight loss surgery. This surgery is a tool that will shape you a new way of life both mentally and physically—but it’s going to need a little weight loss help from you.

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”—Marshall McLuhan

After getting weight loss surgery, it’s up to you to abide by your weight loss surgeon’s dietary and lifestyle guidelines each and every day. Combined with your determination to lose weight, your weight loss surgery can be the tool that shapes your future for long-term weight loss success.

You can reinforce your new lifestyle and healthy habits with the following tactics:

  • Build a support system. A solid support system is imperative after weight loss surgery. A support system provides weight loss help in the forms of accountability, encouragement and motivation. Your support system will get you through emotional highs and lows as you adjust to mental and physical changes following weight loss surgery.
  • Commit to your healthy diet. Your weight loss surgeon has provided you with a list of healthy dietary guidelines, which will maximize the effectiveness of your weight loss surgery. It’s up to you to stay within those guidelines and stay on track for success. If you’re unable to commit to a healthy diet, you’ll find it far more difficult to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Commit to physical fitness. Once your weight loss surgeon has cleared you for exercise, it’s wise to ease into activity one day at time. Working out on a daily basis will help you lose more weight and foster healthy behaviors for maintaining weight loss long term.

Work with your weight loss surgeon as you commit to the healthy diet and lifestyle changes necessary to lose excess weight for good. Your weight loss surgery alone cannot help you reach your goals, but it can give you the weight loss help you need to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle.