The Weight Loss Plateau

Have you noticed that you’re eating and exercising the same as you have been, but suddenly you’re no longer seeing as much progress towards your weight loss goals? A weight loss plateau is common for people trying to lose weight, even after bariatric surgery. Find out more about what causes a weight loss plateau and how you can move beyond it.

What causes a weight loss plateau after bariatric surgery?

One of the most common reasons that you might notice your rate of weight loss slowing is because your body’s natural metabolism has adjusted to meet your new calorie and exercise habits as well as your new, lower weight. As you lose tissue, both fat and lean muscle, your body needs to burn fewer calories. Also, your metabolism is naturally regulated to adjust to prevent ongoing weight loss, so it will gradually slow down to make up for the fact that you’re exercising on a consistent basis and eating less.

How do you break through a weight loss plateau after bariatric surgery?

You can kickstart your weight loss after your metabolism has adjusted. But first, you need to determine whether it’s a slowed metabolism or a return to poor habits that has caused your weight loss to slow down. Have you slowly started increasing your portion sizes? Are you exercising less or getting heavy-handed with the condiments? Take a closer look at your eating and activity habits, and recommit if necessary.

If you’re confident that you’ve stayed on track, the next step is to find extra ways to burn more calories or consume fewer calories. If you’re already spending as much time as possible at the gym, this can be frustrating to hear. The good news is, you might not need to add another hour to your workout. Are you taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Are you standing instead of sitting? Are you using your free time to do something active instead of sitting in front of a screen? These small changes are a great way to jumpstart your metabolism again.

You might also be able to increase the intensity of your workout without spending more time in the gym. Experiment with interval training. Bump up the incline on the treadmill. Increase the amount of weight you’re lifting. Stay focused on getting the most work into your time at the gym.