The Worst Clothes to Wear When You Want to Look Svelte

Many people can carry extra weight and look terrific. If you aren’t one of them, you might need a little help in the fashion department. Perhaps you feel more comfortable when your stomach looks flat. Or, you might think you appear older than you are or unhealthy when you’ve gained a few extra pounds and want to hide it.

Whatever your reason for wishing to appear svelte, there are ways to achieve your aim. First, though, you must recognize what not to wear if you prefer to look lean.

Leave out lagenlook

Lagenlook can be attractive. Nonetheless, it endorses voluminous garments that don’t suit everyone. Over-sized clothing styles and tulip dresses expand the waistline visually, creating an apple-shaped figure.

If you’re attracted to the style it promotes, note the elements you enjoy. You can layer clothes, wear uneven hemlines, and express other qualities associated with lagenlook without resorting to garments that flare at the waist.

Be aware of advertising tricks, too, that might fool you into imagining you’ll look fabulous in bulky fashion. Many of the models wearing lagenlook in glossy magazines and appearing in online shops, for instance, are wafer-thin rather than average or overweight.

Unless your figure matches theirs, you won’t look similar to them in the same garments. As popular as it is, leave lagenlook on the shelf unless you’re one of the few people with a figure that baggy clothes suit.

Steer clear of skinny clothes

Once you understand oversized clothing makes people seem larger than they are, figure-hugging skinny styles may attract you. Tight clothes, however, exaggerate lumps and bumps.

Unless you have a perfect figure leave those skinny jeans and tight dresses that make wearers look like they’ve been shrink-wrapped alone. Instead, consider tailored clothes that skim your figure rather than dig into your flesh or wrap you up tightly.

Don’t flaunt frilly garments

One of the best ways to appear larger than you are is to wear frilly clothes. So avoid flouncy pleats, frills, and bows that draw attention, increasing the false impression of extra size if you want to look svelte.

The only time to include them in your wardrobe is when you wish to amplify a particular part of your body to balance it with another area. If your middle is large but the top half of your body is small, for instance, you might look great with a gypsy style frill around your shoulders.

Beware of large patterns

Are you attracted to clothes with big, colorful prints? If so, know small embellishments and fine print won’t make you appear bigger than you are, but large patterns might. It’s useful to keep prints small on parts of your body you don’t want to emphasize.

Save large patterns for the areas you want to highlight, or steer clear of them completely and your physical proportions won’t appear too generous.

Shun shiny material

Surely, a little glitz and shine won’t go amiss when it’s party time? Glamming up with glitter can be fun, but not if it makes you look like a disco ball. Shiny clothes reflect light and can underscore bulges. Mat fabrics, however, will help you seem sleek and slim. Shun the shine and stick to them if you hope not to add weight to your physique.

The way you present yourself matters because it influences your self-image. If looking svelte boosts your self-esteem, avoid the clothing mistakes mentioned and you’ll enjoy a sleeker appearance.