Timing is Everything

Do you ever catch yourself thinking: “I don’t have time for that!” If so, then congratulations—you are just like everyone else. The reality is that 24 hours in a day is barely enough time to get everything together that you are required to do for your work and family obligations. The thought of throwing in a few extra tasks in an effort to improve your health and wellness frequently just causes more stress.

However, there is really no way around it. If you want to lose weight, and if you want to improve your health, then you are going to need to find time in your busy schedule to fit in healthy habits.



These healthy habits include:

  • Shopping for fresh vegetables
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Exercising
  • Managing stress
  • Sleeping

The decision to get weight loss surgery only amplifies your need to commit to healthy habits like these. After having weight loss surgery you’ll need to find time in your schedule to embrace your new health and wellness goals.

The good news is that incorporating all of these habits into your daily life can be seamless—especially after you spend a few weeks building these positive habits. Once you get used to doing things the healthy way, it likely won’t feel like these tasks are taking up too much time. However, you need to get yourself started, and this may require a bit of planning.

Finding Time for Healthy Habits

Use the following strategies to find time in your day for healthy habits:

  • Keep a planner and write down everything you are hoping to accomplish.
  • Plan your workouts ahead of time and get all of your materials together beforehand.
  • Keep a family calendar through your smartphones so that you can update others in your household as to when you are going to be late or when you have an early workout class scheduled.

You make time for extra assignments that are dropped on your lap at work. You make time when your friends or family members ask you for something. You make time for all sorts of things that you really don’t care about, but feel the need to do out of responsibility. But if you are making time for these other tasks at the cost of taking care of yourself, then it is time to re-prioritize and to think about how you can make time for yourself first and foremost.

Try putting together a schedule at the start of the day, and put your health-needs at the top. Set up your schedule for your exercising and meal-prep, and then schedule the rest of your day around that. Your health will thank you for making it a priority, and you’ll feel all the better for doing so.