Tone Your Arms at the Office

Those who find themselves spending 40 hours a week or more sitting at a desk in an office may find it difficult to find time for exercise and lose weight. Having an exercise or weight loss routine is not as difficult as many make it out to be, but it can be difficult to manage if you’re stuck working full time. After having gastric band surgery in Ft. Myers it is important to make sure you do not gain back any of your lost weight. Exercise in your down time is always best, but there are some convenient arm chair Pilates exercises that you can do at the office.

Pilates exercises involve body lengthening and deep breathing activities that are intended to improve core strength. These exercises are traditionally performed while standing up, but they can be modified to do while in a sitting position. As always, the key to these exercises is to keep your spine straight and your neck stretched tall. Make sure to check with your bariatric surgeon that you are ready to start exercising before starting a new routine after your operation.

Abdominal Scoop

The abdominal scoop is one of the main foundations in Pilates. In fact, every Pilates exercises involves an abdominal scoop. These exercises flatten your stomach and strengthen your core. This can be done from a sitting position by placing your hands on your stomach while sitting up straight. Relax with your stomach forward when you inhale, and scoop it inward as you exhale. This will eventually cause your stomach to compress inward and away from your hands. When you’re ready, extend one leg at a low angle while performing abdominal scoops to lengthen your body.

Criss Cross

Begin this exercise by sitting up straight with your feet just slightly off the floor. Perform an abdominal scoop as we described above, and as you exhale raise one knee while rotating your trunk so that the opposite shoulder moves toward the knee. Repeat with the other side.

Spine Twist

This is a simple exercise in which you place your fingers on your sternum while keeping your elbows up in a “T” position. Perform an abdominal scoop while twisting your torso as you exhale. This exercise is great for straightening the spine, and it is said to have lung-cleansing benefits as well.