Waking Up to Weight Loss

Is the first thing you do every morning going to negatively impact your ability to reach your weight loss goals?

If you are following your medical weight loss diet plan, exercising regularly and drinking the proper amount of water day in and out, then one or two cups of coffee a day might not be a problem—especially if it is that second cup of coffee that is giving you the energy to make it through your workout.

However, when coffee becomes the staple of your diet, and you find yourself drinking another cup of Joe in lieu of water, then it may be time to put your espresso-based habit in check.

Good Morning Healthy Habits

Weight loss tips and tricks all come down to the basic reality: losing weight requires making long-term lifestyle changes. Medical weight loss programs introduce you to healthy eating strategies, and personal fitness training can guide you in how to work out, but you’ll need to keep these habits going if the weight is going to stay off.

This means making changes to your daily schedule to accommodate healthier habits. The morning is probably one of the most under-utilized parts of the day for healthy living. Sure, sleeping in feels great at the moment, but the following rush to work and the lack of time for a proper breakfast can throw off your healthy mindset for the entire day.

Here are a few quick facts about coffee that every daily drinker should know before indulging in another sip:

  • Coffee (and tea) should only be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle, and should never replace water consumption.
  • Stick with black coffee as closely as possible. Avoid cream, half and half, sugar and other sorts of sweeteners at all costs, as these will interfere with your medical weight loss goals.
  • Pay attention to how you feel as you are drinking coffee. You may not want to admit it to yourself, but coffee often leads to uncomfortable symptoms like diarrhea, headaches, anxiety and uncontrollable shaking.
  • If you do feel jittery after having caffeine, or realize that coffee is impacting your mood, switch to green tea or decaf, instead.
  • Make sure that your coffee consumption isn’t preventing you from getting to sleep at a good hour every night.

Adjusting your morning schedule can have a huge impact on your day, as well as your ability to lose weight. Morning is the best time to have a quick workout, have something healthy to eat and set a positive intention for the rest of the day. The challenge comes down to actually making the most of those wee hours close to dawn. In Fort Myers, a lot of people rely on coffee to power them through those hours, but is that a healthy option when you are trying to lose weight?

According to the American Medical Association, coffee itself is not “unhealthy.” However, many people react poorly to coffee, while others handle the drink just fine, but load it down with so much cream and sugar that the beverage is anything but healthy.