Weight Loss and Gum Disease

Losing weight has become a serious concern for millions of people, and many people are turning to bariatric obesity surgery in Naples to help shed the pounds. Weight loss has many obvious health benefits and even more less well-known health benefits. A new study reports that people who lose weight may also be improving their oral health.

This study evaluated 31 obese people with gum disease. The study group was split into two. The first group contained people who had received gastric bypass weight loss surgery and had also had fat cells removed from their body. The second group involved people who had not had these procedures done. All patients received gum scaling and root planning treatments to take home. These treatments had to be applied every night by the applicant.

The oral health of each participant was tested during and after the study treatments. Overall gum health improved in both groups. Health was tested by measuring their periodontal attachment as well as the level of bleeding of the gums. Probing depths and plaque levels were also tested. What was interesting was that patients that had received the gastric bypass surgery had much better overall improved health. It appeared that the patients that had received the surgery and lost a lot of weight had improved oral health.

Researchers weren’t sure what caused the difference. They believe it may be because of the way weight loss helps treat insulin resistance and inflammation. All the researchers agreed that weight loss did seem to have something to do with oral health. If you are interested in weight loss and improving your oral health, consider bariatric obesity surgery in Naples. These clinics will help you lose weight much more quickly than doing it completely on your own.