For Weight Loss, Help Negativity Out the Door

For Weight Loss, Help Negativity Out the DoorEveryone has a friend, a relative or a co-worker who is notoriously negative. Wherever the conversation turns, they are ready with a roadblock to bring everyone back down to Earth. No topic can remain happy, no critique unturned, no ambition untarnished. The more time you spend around these sorts of people, the quicker you will learn: this is not a good environment to be in when you are looking for weight loss help in Ft. Myers.

Negative people are deflators. Picture your weight loss goals and healthy ambitions as a growing balloon. As you breathe in the air around you and fill yourself with healthy habits and positive insight you will gradually begin to float towards your goals. But one jab of a pin and you are plummeting down without enough time to look back and figure out what happened.

Deflators are the pins in your balloon. Their words lurk in the back of our minds, causing us to question every positive step we take. If you aren’t careful, a deflator can easily hinder your weight loss progress, leaving you without the motivation or self-assurance that you can make such a positive difference in your life after all.

The best way to defeat a deflator is to know their game. Once you identify a deflator you can realize that they aren’t going to change. When your coworker’s first response to hearing about your workout was something about germs in the gym, recognize this as a sign of a deflator. When your mother seems more cognizant of the weight you haven’t lost than the pounds you’ve managed to shed since getting a gastric band in Ft. Myers, this is another tried and true sign of a deflator.

You are going to be exposed to negativity in your lifetime. During difficult and stressful times, like the months immediately following your weight loss surgery, this negativity is likely to grow. It can be hard to escape negativity once it is surrounding you, but you don’t need to succumb to it. Train yourself to expect negative comments from certain people and stop giving them ammunition. If there is someone in your life who will tear down an accomplishment of yours, then try keeping to neutral subjects while in their presence.

Being around negative people doesn’t have to mean giving into negativity. Keep your smile on and do your best to let negative words roll right past you. You are doing something positive for yourself, and sometimes that is hard for others to cope with. Be proud of yourself and don’t let negative comments get under your skin. And when you can manage it, stick with your more positive friends.