Weight Loss Help on a Canvas

Because a picture can tell a thousand words, art therapy can be a premier form of weight loss help in Ft. Myers and Naples.

Weight Loss Help on a Canvas

The challenges of overcoming obesity are just as mental as they are physical. With every physical step you take, every bite of your post-weight loss surgery diet plan and every push during your exercise routine there is a mental decision to keep moving forward. Weight loss surgery gives you a physical boost to triumph over obstacles as you lose weight, but you are also going to need a bit of mental weight loss help in Ft. Myers and Naples if you plan on staying on track. That is where art therapy comes in.

Art therapy provides an opportunity to express emotions that are difficult to articulate. Avenues like mental health counseling and support groups are wonderful for discussing the complex emotions that arise during the weight loss process, but sometimes those feelings are difficult to put into words—and even more difficult to share directly with others. Yoga and other stress management routines are wonderful for tuning in with oneself and increasing self-awareness during the weight loss process, but are not avenues for expressing one’s thoughts and feelings.

Art therapy uses tools like paint, pencils, mixed media and photography to help individuals express themselves in a nonverbal manner. Instead of attempting to put your feelings towards yourself, your loved ones and your body into words that are never perfect or precise, art therapy provides the opportunity to put those emotions in color. Vibrant hues can say a great deal about one’s state of mind, and in many cases the act of painting and expressing oneself through art is soothing.

Getting started with art therapy is simple. While there are counseling centers where you can participate in art therapy sessions under the guidance of a licensed counselor, like Journeys Through Art Therapy in Naples, you can practice art therapy on your own too. All you need is some paper, a few colors of paint or a box of markers and an hour to yourself.

You don’t need to show anyone your artwork—unless you want to. Art is something that can help you work through a negative emotion and offer you some peace of mind as you lose weight after weight loss surgery.

A canvas isn’t quite the same as a support group, so art therapy shouldn’t replace your visits to your support group for weight loss help in Naples and Ft. Myers, but when used in conjunction with regular interaction and emotional support, art therapy may prove to be a useful coping mechanism for you.

Have you tried art therapy before? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below!