Weight Loss Help at the Workplace

Weight Loss Help at the WorkplaceWork takes up a big chunk of most of our schedules. Driving to work, sitting at work, driving home from work, thinking about work, going to bed early so that you can wake up to go to work—whether you want to admit it or not, what you do all day makes up a pretty big aspect of who you are and how you spend your time. To think that your day to day work habits aren’t going to undergo any sort of change after you get weight loss surgery is a big mistake.

Getting gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or a gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples is going to impact what you eat, the way you eat, how often you exercise and several other integral aspects of your daily life. Your best bet is to embrace these changes by opening up your workplace to be a center for weight loss help.

Creating a Positive Workspace for Weight loss

Creating an atmosphere of weight loss accountability at work is a great way to boost your weight loss efforts, and will help to generate motivation as you strive to meet your weight loss goals. Your coworkers can act as a first line of weight loss support, helping you stay on track with your diet and exercise goals as you cope with the daily stressors that emerge in the workplace.

Talking about your weight loss goals with coworkers might be nerve-wracking at first, but more often than not you will be pleased with what you learn. By opening up about the subject of healthy living and weight loss you are likely to find that there are others in your office who are also interested in losing weight, and that you are far from alone in your endeavors. This sort of camaraderie can be especially useful during lunch hours and office parties where you might otherwise be tempted to indulge in treats for the sake of being social.

Talking with your coworkers can help you feel more confident as you bring healthy habits into the workplace. Here are a few healthy strategies you might want to implement with your newfound weight loss buddies:

  • Bring your lunches. After weight loss surgery, buying lunch on a whim is particularly hard to do, especially because the portions will be too large. Bring your own lunch from home so you know you can stick to your meal plan.
  • Take exercise breaks. The restriction on your stomach from surgery or your gastric band will make it impractical to spend your entire lunch break eating. Take advantage of the time to take a brief walk around your workplace.
  • Share meals. Once you open up with your co-workers about your weight loss surgery you may find that someone else in your workplace is following a similar path. If this is true, then you can bring in meals that you both are able to eat and split them into smaller portions appropriate for both of you.

To meet your ultimate weight loss goal you will need to incorporate your new healthy habits into every aspect of your life—including your work life. Try generating a conversation around your office to find out if your next best weight loss buddy is just a cubicle away.