Weight Loss Resolutions: A Good Idea?

Weight Loss Resolutions A Good IdeaWhen a weight loss goal is made with realistic outcomes in mind and is done in a manner that is both thought-out and well-planned, that goal can become the single most important aspect of your weight loss program. Having something empowering to work towards is a huge deal in any health and wellness program. That goal can supply you with ongoing motivation and incentive to do what you need to do.

Unfortunately, not all weight loss goals are this helpful. Making goals that are far too generalized, or weight loss goals that are too intense for a short period of time can actually cause additional hardship during your weight loss program and may result in discouragement.

Here are a few ways to tell if your weight loss resolution is something that will empower you, or something that might hold you back:

  • Is it specific? Give yourself something specific to work towards, whether that is a health goal related to your cholesterol or blood pressure level, or maybe a weight loss goal directed at the scale or your clothing sizes.
  • Is it reasonable? Weight loss surgery will give you a major boost in working towards your goal, but you still need to be reasonable. Get your weight loss doctor’s opinion before setting a goal for yourself to make sure that your goal isn’t pushing too fast.
  • Is it clocked? Losing 10 pounds in general is a very different goal than losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Both of these goals have you losing the same amount of weight, but one is creating a plan that you can track and decipher if you are reaching your goal or not. Keep your weight loss resolutions time-bound for the greatest success.

To reach success you have to set yourself up for success. So while setting a weight loss resolution is a great idea in theory, it is absolutely essential that it is done properly. Setting an unhealthy goal for your weight loss efforts could be damaging to your wellness efforts in general. I you live in Naples or Ft. Myers a great way to keep your goals positive is to work together with a weight loss support group. Finding partners who can provide positive motivation and accountability can help you stay on track with whatever goals you set for yourself.