Weight Loss Surgery and You

Bariatric obesity surgery is known to produce significant and sustained weight loss. Gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and adjustable gastric banding are three of the most common procedures performed by our Bonita Springs weight loss surgeon today. In deciding which procedure is right for you, patients should consider these points:

  • Weight-loss expectations – Gastric banding patients can expect to lose about 50 percent of their weight, while sleeve gastrectomy patients can see a 60 percent reduction. Gastric bypass patients see the most weight loss of the three procedures, losing about 70 percent of their excess weight.
  • Rapid or Slow and Steady – Gastric bypass and sleeve patients see the quickest weight loss results, while gastric banding patients see more of a slow and steady weight loss.
  • Follow-up Availability – Gastric banding patients must be available for follow-up care because the gastric band needs to be adjusted as time goes on. Gastric bypass and sleeve patients don’t need as many follow-up appointments.
  • Reversibility – Sleeve gastrectomy cannot be reversed. On the other hand, gastric banding can be both reversed and adjusted, which makes it a favorite option in the eyes of many.
  • Weight Loss Reliability – Both sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass patients usually see the typical weight loss expected for each procedure. With gastric banding, the weight loss can be more uncertain. Although the expected weight loss with gastric banding is 50 percent, some individuals lose 90 percent, while others lose little to no weight.
  • Foreign Object in Body – Some people dislike knowing they have a foreign object inside of them. When a weight loss surgeon inserts a gastric band, it stays inside the patient’s body for a lifetime or until removed, at which time weight loss will no longer be assisted.
  • Fear Factor – While there have been numerous studies regarding the effectiveness of gastric banding and gastric bypass bariatric obesity surgery, there is less research available for the gastric sleeve procedure.