Weight Loss that can take the Heat

There is no need to wait for a new year to get started with a new workout plan. Every season brings about a new opportunity to revamp your weight loss goals. As the weather gets warm throughout the summer and spring, it is a perfect opportunity to think about the ways that you can change up your exercise routine to be more appropriate for handling the heat.

Whether you live in Naples or Fort Myers in South Florida, the temperature stays pretty hot for the majority of the year. That is why it is smart to make exercise plans that take into account high temperatures.

After weight loss surgery, working out is going to be an important part of your daily lifestyle. Make your workout into something you look forward to by preparing yourself as much as possible.

As you think about your exercise plans, consider factors like:

  • How will you stay hydrated?
  • Are you protected from the sun?
  • What in-door options are available?

Joining a local gym is a great way to get out of the hot weather and workout in the comfort of the air conditioning, but not everyone loves exercising around other people. If you prefer some more privacy, then you might want to be a little creative with your workout plans.

Here are a few ideas to help you beat the heat as you work out:

  • Protect yourself from the sun by investing in protective workout clothing, including a hat and SPF shirt. There are plenty of long-sleeve shirts that wick moisture away from the skin to help keep you cool.
  • Load up your water bottle with as much ice as possible when you head outside, and schedule your workout around short water breaks every few minutes.
  • Skip the outside workout altogether by staying inside and opting for a workout video instead. There are plenty of free workout videos on YouTube that are worth trying

Dehydration and sunburn are serious issues that can result in a lot of discomfort, so take caution when considering how you will be active during the hottest months of the year. In Florida, especially around the Gulf Coast, the sun will be an issue year round. Taking the time to make sure you are prepared and ready for how to handle the hot weather and the sun will help you be more successful in reaching your weight loss goals after weight loss surgery.