What is the Difference Between Physical Activity and Exercise?

Although both physical activity and exercise have benefits for health and overall fitness, there is a difference between the two. Patients who have committed to weight loss surgery are encouraged to change their lifestyle, including more physical activity and exercise to help maintain ideal weight and fitness. Knowing the benefits and differences between the physical activity and exercise helps bariatric surgery patients reach their weight loss and fitness goals faster. It also you helps maintain optimal weight.

Physical activity includes every movement the body makes by contracting muscles. Running the vacuum, weeding the garden, walking up the steps and just moving from one place to another are examples of physical activity. Although all movement benefits the body, the level of intensity is generally lower in daily physical activities when compared to exercise routines. Yes, exercise is another form of physical activity, but what sets it apart is the level of commitment, intensity and focus that organized exercise involves.

Simply walking down the hall differs from a prolonged brisk walk intended as exercise. The latter provides a more strenuous workout, increasing the level of cardiovascular and other benefits. The goal of exercise is to increase cardiovascular health, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. These may be side benefits from simple physical activity, but exercise is focused on these positive effects.

A balanced exercise program seeks to incorporate activities that include each of these physical benefits. Duration and intensity of workouts can be personalized to optimize fitness goals. Weight loss patients in Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida, greatly benefit from developing organized exercise routines to enhance their weight loss and fitness goals. Start now by increasing physical activity, then; increase your success by developing an enjoyable and beneficial exercise routine.