What to Eat Before your Workout

Eating prior to a workout is essential if you want to have the energy that your body requires in order to meet your demands. Choosing the right foods, however, is important to give you the long lasting energy you’ll require.

The American Dietetic Association recommends eating a small meal that is high in carbohydrates with a moderate amount of protein. This meal or snack should be low in fat and salt as well as fiber. If you’ve recently had bariatric surgery then your doctor in Ft. Myers or Naples, FL will have already stressed the importance of nutrition. You will need to have a snack that meets these requirements in order to get the maximum benefit from your workout.

Snacks that meet these requirements include a small apple with a few tablespoons of peanut butter, a bowl of oatmeal or healthy cereal with milk and a sliced banana, one half of a whole wheat bagel with a small glass of juice or a whole wheat or multigrain pancake and a small piece of fruit. Smoothies that combine milk or yogurt with fruit are also great options.

Your pre-workout snack should be between 150 and 200 calories and you should eat it about two hours prior to your workout. This gives your body a chance to digest it and turn it into the energy you’ll need.

Drinking sufficient amounts of fluid is also important prior to and during your workout. Always have cold, fresh water with your meal or snack and keep a water bottle handy during your workout to replenish any lost moisture.

As tempting as it might seem, skipping a meal prior to exercising is never a good idea. Your body just won’t have the energy it requires to perform to your expectations. Even if you’re in a rush, grab an apple and a slice of low fat cheese on the way out the door; your body will thank you for the nutrition.