When Compliments Abound

Quick tips on feeling accepting compliments on your weight loss after gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or getting a gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples.

When Compliments AboundSometimes, a quick thank you isn’t the easiest thing to spit out. After years of being a wallflower, being thrust into center stage and hearing compliments left and right can be a bit overwhelming. However, this is an experience that many people have after weight loss surgery. When you are first starting out on your journey to lose weight, the thought of too much positive attention might seem silly, but when you are actually in the moment and unsure of how to respond, an unexpected compliment can leave you feeling awkward and unsure of what to do or say.

Picture yourself in Ft. Myers or Naples, going about your business when you run into an old friend who you haven’t seen for the greater part of a decade. You’ve lost weight and they notice right away, but you haven’t actually met your weight loss goal. You are still working so hard. You don’t see the fantastic results that are already on display. Your friend’s sincere and kind words suddenly turn the conversation awkward as you squirm and think of what to say.

The thing to learn about taking a compliment is that you aren’t expected to say anything special in reply. A simple “thank you” will do in almost every situation.

Here are a few tips for accepting compliments:

  • Don’t insult the complimenter! One of the most common responses to compliments is the denial, but this is actually just a way of saying “no, I don’t believe you.” This can turn the situation awkward quick. If they offered a compliment, say thank you and move on.
  • Smile about it. People who give compliments like to see other people happy. The greatest gift you can give in return is to let them see they’ve succeeded in making you smile.
  • Don’t feel obligated to return the favor. Instead of paying it back, just pay it forward. If an old friend compliments you on your weight loss, you don’t need to think of something to compliment them. It will almost always feel forced. If you have something genuine to say, then say it. Otherwise, just smile and leave the compliments for when they are deserved.
  • Practice giving compliments. One of the best ways to learn how to reply to compliments is to give them out more often. Tell your friends, family members and coworkers when you like their shirt, earrings or project proposal. By hearing how others reply to your compliments you can get a good feel for how your response sounds.

As you get compliments after weight loss surgery, do your best to keep the above tips in mind. If you are particularly struck by a comment, stick it in the back of your head and allow yourself to think about it later on. Compliments are a huge treat, so allow yourself to be touched by them. You’ve worked hard to lose weight. Be proud of yourself and let the kind words flow.